The All-Russian Alliance of Public Associations of Hunting and Fishing (Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz) is a large-scale non-government organization which comprises 74 regional public associations of hunters and fishermen. Their branches are located practically in all cities, towns and regional centers of Russia. The Alliance also includes the Central Council of the Military ancd Hunting Association and the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Association Dynamo. Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz’s activity is regulated by the Russian law and the Charter of the Alliance. The Alliance has its own flag, anthem, emblem and pennant. The Alliance consists of non-governmental organizations registered in accordance with the established procedure. The number of hunters and fishermen in the Alliance exceeds 1.5 million, which is nearly 70% of the total number of hunters in Russia.


Nowadays, the number of Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz’s hunting and fishing reserves amounts to 2270, while the area of the reserves exceeds 208 million hectares (13.87% of the total area of Russias hunting reserves). The Alliances hunting reserves are characterized by relative stability of the abundance of roe deer, axis and red deer, and wild hogs. One can observe an abundance growth of wood grouse, black grouse and pheasant. One of the main trends of the Alliances activity is dispersal of wild animals and control of the abundance of wolves. Around 9 thousand full-time employees are working in the hunting and fishing reserves which include a large amount of hunting specialists and ichthyologists.



 Main Goals of the Alliance:


- association of hunters and fishermen actively participating in the maintenance of hunting and fishing reserves;

- protection and increase in the population of wild animals and birds;

- combating of poaching;

- development of amateur hunting and fishing, hunting dog breeding and trophies capturing;

- development of shooting, hunting and fishing activities;

- organization and conducting conferences, workshops, exhibitions and contests;

- charity;

- participation in national and international programs in environmental protection and reproduction of natural resources;

- cooperation with international environmental and nature-conserving organizations.